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American First Bancard’s commitment to customer service is our greatest purpose. We take pride in knowing that we deliver the best service in the industry, and that our standards are ever-rising. It is an honor to work with each of our customers, as well as to be able to provide them with business solutions that help them succeed.

The President of American First Bancard was one of the first people I met in Winter Garden, FL. when I was opening my practice.  He spoke about wanting to put the integrity back into merchant services and that he has done.  He is not only extremely professional and efficient but he is also a great guy and I am glad to say that he has become a great friend. I have recommended several of our other practices to you and did so with no reservation.  I look forward to building a long business relationship with American First Bancard and thanks for making this part of opening my practice effortless.

Matthew R.

I just wanted to write you guys a letter saying Thank You.  This has been the best experience that I have had in my life dealing with a merchant service company.  In the past we have had merchant service companies come in our office and promise us the world, cheaper rates, great customer service, etc., we received none of them.  Our last company came in and told us we would get the rate of 1.69% on our transactions.  When your agent came in, he showed me where we were getting the 1.69% on only our qualified cards.  Our previous company was misleading and had never told us about the other types of cards out there.  I am pleased to say that I have been educated on what the different card types are and how to actually read the statements properly to see how to find all my rates.  Again, I can’t thank you enough for what American First Bancard has done for our business and we especially love the 20% savings we have been receiving.  Your motto says it all, the processing we need with the rates we deserve.

Rusty P.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the level of service that we received from American First Bancard.  Your company came in and did exactly what they said they were going to do.  They were very transparent and let me know exactly what we were going to be charge for the service with no surprises.  That is hard to find in your industry, we know from experience.  I will be calling for American First Bancard to handle the rest of my businesses merchant service and I am referring some over to you as well.  Keep up the good work.

Jeff K.

We are writing this to let you know how appreciative we are of everyone at American First Bancard.  We have never had a merchant service company that actually cares about our business after we have signed the agreement.  We are very thankful for the newsletters and phone calls we receive from you on a frequent basis, they are very informative and they have taught us a great deal on how to process smarter for our business.  I can’t remember the last time any merchant service company has called just to see how we were doing or to check and see if there was anything that we needed.  Being informed of your new services as well as your new programs has turned to be very beneficial to us especially now that we have an e-commerce side and mobile side to our business.  We made those transitions with zero headaches and zero issues, we have American First Bancard to thank for that.  Please keep doing what you are doing, we are customers for life.

Jamie B.

I have been involved in numerous restaurants and I have to say that our relationship with American First Bancard has been absolutely fantastic.  I just gave them the information that they needed and the rest was taken care of.  Things ran incredibly smooth, from the application to the install.  And the rates were better than what I have received in the past.  I would recommend American First Bancard to anyone that is looking for a great rate and excellent customer service.

George H.