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American First Bancard is your single source for payment processing and financial services. We are able to offer your business the services you need along with the reliability and straightforward answers that you expect from American First Bancard. Not only are these services a necessity for your business, they will increase profits as well. Select any of the services below to learn more!


    Cash is still the easiest and cheapest form of payment for many consumers to use on purchases. Give your customers access to cash, while keeping them in your place of business and increasing sales at the same time. An ATM is an ideal solution to meet all of these needs, whether your business is in retail, restaurant, convenience stores or hotels. Contact American First Bancard for more information on installing an ATM, increasing traffic and gaining repeat customers, today!

    Checks are still a leading form of payment across the US. Make sure your business takes them with confidence! American First Bancard offers both Check Guarantee and Check Conversion, but goes even further by offering four different secure options to suit the needs of any business.

    Guaranteed Check Conversion—Convert checks electronically, while being provided with a guarantee on every check transaction through American First Bancard

    Check Conversion—Convert checks electronically for an established customer base, without the need to guarantee every check

    Check Guarantee—Accept checks processed traditionally without any risk using a database to validate each transaction

    Check Verification—See whether a check writer shows any negative information on the check authorization network, and decide for yourself whether to accept the check

    Every year billions of dollars in credit card transactions are processed thanks to the ease and convenience of this payment method for consumers and merchants alike. To stay competitive in this market, accepting credit cards is essential! American First Bancard, through their partnership with First American Payment Systems, can offer your business a solution to fit your budget and needs, no matter what industry you service. Our networks support the latest point-of-sale equipment, as well as providing the assistance needed to implement our products into your business. Contact American First Bancard today to learn more about the options we can present your business for the best credit card processing terms available!

    • Retail
    • Retail with Tips
    • Restaurant
    • Lodging
    • E-Commerce
    • Mail Order/Telephone Order
    • Auto Rental

    Eligible* merchants may be entitled to accept EBT or Electronic Benefits Transfer cards as an added convenience to their customers. In many cases, the government issues these cards to consumers in lieu of Food Stamps, Women, Infants and Children benefits and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families programs. Merchants may use the same point-of-sale equipment used for credit and debit purchases to process EBT card payments making it safe and reliable. This also eliminates the need to collect coupons that must be returned to state governments. Perhaps most importantly, since EBT cards look like and are processed just like credit or debit payments, it alleviates any discomfort for the consumer in using this payment method. Call or email American First Bancard to find out how to bring this service to your business and your consumers!

    *To be eligible to accept EBT cards, a merchant must obtain a FCS/FNS number from the Food and Nutrition Services department of the United States Department of Agriculture.

    There is no question that the internet is a growing resource for businesses. Whether you are looking for a complete e-commerce solution, such as templates and all of the components to get started, or just a simple shopping cart mechanism, American First Bancard has the answer. We give you the tools to sell products and services online, and grow your business. Best of all, we can offer you every facet needed to be successful through one merchant account, allowing you to better manage you business online.

    Debit card transactions are quickly growing in the U.S., and offer unique advantages to both the consumer and the merchant accepting payment. Many users prefer debit transactions over any other payment method. PIN options allow for secure transactions that are as fast and easy as a credit card with no signature required. They are also less expensive than credit card transactions. Unlike checks, debit card transactions are worry-free. As an added bonus, users may also have the option of getting cash back. American First Bancard can bring this service to your business and expand your payment processing today! Contact us for more information about the advantages of debit card processing.

    Every year, gift card usage is rapidly growing—is your business keeping up with the demand? Gift cards through American First Bancard offer several unique advantages that will increase sales and brand awareness. Some of these features include:

    • Low start-up cost
    • Low monthly fees
    • Easy Implementation
    • Comprehensive Starter Kit
    • Online access

    Contact American First Bancard today and give your business the merchant services gift that gives back!

    Whether purchasing or leasing point-of-sale, or POS equipment, American First Bancard can supply your business with a solution to fit your needs and budget. Virgo offers a variety of equipment from credit and debit terminals to ATM machines—each at competitive rates and with reliable service. Learn more about our flexible point-of-sale options through American First Bancard and make merchant service work for your business!

    Restaurant online ordering is becoming more popular with consumers on a daily basis. This is good news for merchants, too, as it increases revenue and offers many other unique advantages. First, learn more about your customer with valuable customer demographics, later allowing for better targeted promotional campaigns and reward programs. Easily upsell items online using inventory prompts and other tools. Perhaps most importantly, increase your brand awareness and get customer feedback quickly and easily!

    Restaurant online ordering is not only fast and convenient, but it is reliable as well. Customers simply choose items online, select pick-up or deliver and pay with a credit or gift card. Orders are sent immediately to a dedicated fax or POS. Orders are accurate and legible, and best of all, paid for before being prepared. Contact American First Bancard today to bring this excellent service to your business!